[ku:l] 1. adjective
1) (slightly cold: cool weather.) svež
2) (calm or not excitable: He's very cool in a crisis.) miren
3) (not very friendly: He was very cool towards me.) hladen
4) ((slang) great; terrific; fantastic: Wow, that's really cool!; You look cool in those jeans!) kul, super
2. verb
1) (to make or become less warm: The jelly will cool better in the refrigerator; She cooled her hands in the stream.) (o)hladiti (se)
2) (to become less strong: His affection for her has cooled; Her anger cooled.) ohladiti se
3. noun
(cool air or atmosphere: the cool of the evening.) hlad
- coolness
- cool-headed
- cool down
- keep one's cool
- lose one's cool
* * *
I [ku:l]
adjective (coolly adverb)
hladen, svež; miren, hladnokrven; brezbrižen, neprijazen; predrzen, nesramen; colloquially okrogel (znesek); nejasen (sled divjačine)
as cool as cucumber — hladnokrven, zbran, miren
cool chamber — hladilnica
to lose a cool hundred — zgubiti cel stotak
American cool egg — hladnokrvnež
cool cheek — predrznost; predrznež, -nica
a cool hand ( —ali customer, fish) — nesramnež, -nica, predrznež, -nica
II [ku:l]
intransitive verb
(o)hladiti se; figuratively pomiriti se;
transitive verb
ohladiti, osvežiti; figuratively pomiriti
to cool s.o.'s heels — pustiti koga čakati
keep your breath to cool your porridge — molči(te)
to cool down ( —ali off) — pomiriti, iztrezniti se
to cool one's coppers — s pijačo hladiti po pijančevanju izsušeno grlo
III [ku:l]
hlad, svežina; figuratively hladnokrvnost

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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